Santorini Airport - JTR

A unique transportation service in Santorini offered by our experienced transportation professionals.

From the moment you are booking your arrival with Santorini.Cab, you are registered to the dispatching system of our company. This means that we will monitor your arrival, any delays of your flight and one of our assistants will be waiting for you at the airport so he can lead you to your driver and receive useful information about Santorini.

Also, from the moment there are no addresses in Santorini, we will make sure to notify someone at the destination point, waiting for you and help you with your luggage.

Santorini Port - Athinios

Santorini’s port Athinios requires special handling.

Cancellations, delays, and overcrowding can create a negative first impression or spoil your beautiful memory from Santorini.

Here at Santorini.Cab, we have a comprehensive and long term experience in transportation services so we have created a solution to possible problems so we can satisfy better our clients.

Just like in airport transportations, we are watching your booking closely using our dispatching system to avoid any hassle.

Cable Car

Most Santorini visitors, who gather at the cable car are mostly from cruises, and this service needs to be handled in-depth.

Waiting queues, transfer time and boat transportations can sometimes cause unexpected troubles, having as a result disappointed customers.

Santorini.Cab has taken into consideration these troubles that may come up and has created already solutions to prevent them.

If the gathering is going to happen at the cable car, it is wise that customers should cooperate for better and direct communication.

Hotel Transport (Door to door transfers)

Santorini.Cab deals with hotel transport for over a decade. We are always suggesting to our clients to book arrival and departure at the same. In this case, we offer a 10% discount.

In case the area is inaccessible, it is necessary to coordinate with the hotel to avoid any hassle.

AirBnb Transportation

The lack of reception and emergency phones sometimes might turn into a nightmare for visitors. For this reason, Santorini.Cab makes sure to contact the host to avoid any further hassle.